My weekend work was to create a successor or the wesp(1) tool. So the original wesp was designed to communicate with an AireOS WLC to get “ping alike” statistics for a single wireless client (via SNMP). So data like the currently associated AP, the RSSI, SNR etc. are plotted on the screen in regular intervals.

For Catalyst 9800 WLCs, there are other approaches to get this kind or information:

  • SNMP
  • Streaming telemetry

So normally you would stick to Streaming telemetry to get certain data in regular intervals (push model). However, you need some infrastructure around it to visualize the data (e.g. Grafana, Influx, Telegraf).

wesp9 uses RESTCONF to get the statistics (pull model) and plots them on the screen.

So this is just an initial release. There will be bugs and missing features 🙂

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